Executive Producer


Jennie is unique in the Australian advertising industry. She’s been a client, and advertising account director, an agency producer, head of TV, and more recently, an independent film production company. All this experience means that not only does she totally get production, she also gets agencies and clients. She has the know-how to influence brands.  


As you’d expect, Jennie’s company - Jump Productions, is also unique. She saw the need for a nimble multi-faceted company to handle the demands of the new media landscape - social, digital content, TV, film, still images and creative concepts. And she quickly discovered that the best people to provide these skills were the emerging young guns who were prepared to work hard and fast on the great opportunities a company like Jump can provide. Almost every day Jennie meets up with a film graduate or a young creative, so if there’s talent out there, she knows about it.


But still, Jennie is guided by the conviction that a good idea needs to be treated with respect. Every person at every stage of production has the responsibility to make it better. Because that’s how you make it great.